Scalise Bains De Mer is inspired by the beauty of the city of Saint Tropez, embodying its charming lifestyle and timeless history. The city of the endless delight continuously attracts artists & tourists searching for the Provincial authenticity. The small fishing village has been Scalise’s influence to emerge, representing the values of the region, 350-018 culture and its people.

Our brand’s identity is defined by the simple, elegant and classic designs reflecting the Scalise spirit. Our mission is to provide the whole family with the rapturous natural essence of The French Riviera.

Despite a considerable number of potential problems, they are quite easy to solve. Just taking several actions is enough to get the guarantee of best quality remedies at reasonable costs and with convenient services.

Scalise’s swimwear collection offers over 20 colors and prints made with organic materials & cuttings suitable to the entire family. Scalise redefines the concept of “lightweight” with the integration of finest fabrics to create luxurious and classicstyles of chino shorts, pants & polos formen, women and kids..

Our wish is to restore a contemporary taste in fashion and the true nature of swimwear. The Scalise line represents the merit of the province, ruled by exhilaration and with a richness of legends.

Additionally, the customer support of Canadian pharmacy has technical staff that is responsible for the flawless order processing, payment and delivery. You can also contact the specialist at any moment of day or night to deal with minor and major issues that appear during shopping.

Our brand unveils its concept through its flagship store in Saint Tropez, which symbolizes a window to the beach. It is a marriage with nature that will immerse you into a world of escape. It is with pleasure that we are taking our legend worldwide– welcome to the dream of Saint-Tropez!